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  • Rooted



Graphite Pencils & Charcoal

508 x 762mm (approx)


Plant a tree. Grow a whole garden and you’ll never have to think about food ever again. What if you were the garden? and love was your food.


‘Rooted’ was created first from the inspiration of a modern day eve enriched in the garden of her own growth. It was created to symbolise our own individual growth and where we see ourselves delevoping in life. A mix between surrealism and realism, the portrait of a sweet girl takes centre stage, with a minimum and simplicity to the shading, her eyes and lips were made to stand out. The eyes deptict her longing for depth which is further translated in her outward exterior of apples growing from roots of her hair. In turn she has become her own source of inspiration. The different variations of apples are the reward for all the hard work she has done to be here.


Furthermore the ancient Greeks believed that Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, created the apple. He presented it to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. ‘Rooted’ however is a depication that ‘you’ are your own apple, you are your own source and therefore your own garden.




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