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  • Mother of Mountains

Mother of Mountains


Graphite Pencils & Charcoal

508 x 762mm (approx)


‘Mother of Mountains’ is a piece that was made in alignment to my own personal journey in overcoming challenges. They say the higher you are, the closer you are to the heavens, and mountains strongly signify this feeling of true mental strength. When you first embark on your journey the first thing to arise will be the fear of failure, you will question your dream and ability in trusting yourself if things don’t happen as expected.


This piece is all about the feelings that emerge whilst climbing: fear, doubt, unworthiness, judgement, shame. It’s those moments in-between. Not before the climb, not after you’ve reached your goal. It is specifically telling a story of the kind of emotions that rise to the surface when you’re consistently creating a world of purpose. The pain and fear only pushes you forward because the risk of failing is a much lesser fate then that of turning back. Especially after you’ve climbed so high.




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