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  • Arrived



Graphite Pencils & Charcoal

508 x 762mm (approx)


‘Arrived’ is a simpler and minimalistic based portrait piece that showcases a woman who is mysteriously hidden under a viel of white to only silhouette her dark features as a strong symbol of her evolution. She can only be seen if you look closely and the details of her presence are stronger now that her face is the direct focus. This is the only piece that isn’t directly focusing on the viewer and instead focuses more towards what is beyond. In this part of the journey because we have had time to process and rest, we can then create a new chapter by closing the old. The last portrait has taught us many lessons and because of them we have become stronger and more resiliant than ever before. From here we can begin with clarity, ease and a new sense of adventure.


The butterfly landing on the woman’s nose is a clear sign of the transition from an old life to a new life, from a state of ignorance to a state of awareness, from a place of fear to a place of knowing.




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