Sydney Noelle is a bright and young Californian based Photographer, that focuses on Elopements, Weddings and Couples Photography. The entire identity was inspired by her love for the 70’s, the Californian minimal lifestyle and the US Western Culture. For which we both felt, accurately reflected her photography as a whole and where her focus as a creative is leading her towards. We spoke about her favourite music that too represented her style and vision, all of which was curated with that intention in mind — the art direction, custom logotype, symbol, tagline, typography and colour palette.

The hat-like submark is a combination of a compass, symbolising the different directions our feelings can lead us in life, a hat signifying a laid back impression and the sunset, for what we always look forward to at the end of the day. We wanted to create a brand that would be able to support Sydney not only where she is now, but where her work will transform and adapt in the years to come to welcome and encompass new creations — from weddings to elopements — and to constantly feel an abandoned recklessness to being free in your own skin.

A few words that brought this to life were — 70’s, slow music, laidback days, sunsets, no shoes, bikes, golden, leather jackets, cowboy hats, unbrushed hair, lots of denim and rural areas.



"Shevaun you were absolutely amazing. I don't know how you did it, but you took all of my gibberish and word vomit and brought my intentions to the surface. Your brand discovery process was a joy to complete and helped me to reflect on what I really want out of my business and my work. Starting this at the beginning of the pandemic was so instrumental in an entire refocusing of my purpose and passion-- in a time when it was hard to find creativity and inspiration. I haven't even made my new branding live but I've been booking more than ever... I know that's because you've helped me to focus in on what fulfils me and how best to market to the types of clients I want to be booking. You were always available to chat with and have made yourself available to me even after the project has concluded, which is so reassuring to have. Not to mention the MAGIC you created for me! I'm just blown away by how quickly you understood my business goals and vision, and reflected that through my branding design. I just can't speak highly enough of you. You're incredible, Shevaun, and I cannot wait to see where this new branding and direction takes me."