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Move on from the past and elevate into the future.

Since today is my creative day, I’ve done a lot of reflecting and having these moments to drop into myself has given me inspiration and a higher understanding of what I really love discussing. I try to listen to my body as much as I can and ask what it wants from me everyday. Sometimes it requires me to take it easy and take my time to begin the day, or sometimes it’s ready to move and shake and start knocking down them target milestone. Fast or slow. Either way can work so long as your listening to body signals (burns out a bitch, trust me).

Something of which I’ve been studying / researching my entire entrepreneurial journey is the subconscious mind — How to train it and have it work in your favour, how to move past limiting belief patterns and step into your purpose with ease and direction, listening to your intuition and letting the universe guide you.

Today I want to step into my own version of how I see the subconscious mind and then map out some tips on how to train it to work in you favour. Full disclaimer: Take everything I say with a grain of salt and an open mind. Don’t believe everything you read / hear / what people tell you. Do your own research if it aligns with you. This information specifically is how I view the subconscious, and by reading this I am giving you an invitation to come up with your own. We all have our own truths and this just so happens to be mine.

The subconscious is a tricky thing when you first get into this topic, although it can be very insightful once you get the hang of it. I want to talk specifically about your patterns in relation to your subconscious belief system — Your past memory / files of what you’ve experienced (the past) — that could (potentially) be holding you back. Think of your brain as a gigantic filing system, with levels and elevators to take you to different years of your life. Every single year you’ve been alive has it’s own system (memories) that you can go back to do whenever you want.

The brain is an interesting organ, and from the moment you are born you are consistently absorbing information. Every single second of every single day — For about the first 10-12 years of your life all you are doing is processing information — You become a sponge to information — Anything you’ve been told / seen since birth, how you were raised, if you’ve been told ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘not pretty enough’ etc. every memory becomes a pattern that your brain uses to create your subconscious (the filing system), which let me tell you is 95% of who you are. Let me repeat that;


The remaining 5% is what you’re actually conscious of (what you actually know / aware of presently).

Every reaction / trigger / fear that you have up until this point, goes back / has access to those memories and is used as a fall back system for whenever you experience something that is uncomfortable or new. Your brain automatically has no idea what to do and goes back to that same system because it’s all you know and can relate with at that time. Take all your past experiences and put them in a box, the whole thing would be overflowing with information you wouldn’t be able to fully close it. Those things that overflow are your past experiences (memory) which become your reactions to things you experience in your present waking life. So if you’ve ever felt there are certain things you do and don’t why or if there’s ever been something that holds you back from truly reaching your goals, or if you want to know the core of why you’re drawn to your past it’s because your brain is automatically attached to going back to what you know is comfortable.

It’s an automatic reaction — that if not consciously aware of, you can be living your whole life in autopilot and never even know it. The good news is you can train yourself to rewire your subconscious and change your automatic reaction.


1. Read books on self-programming your subconscious.

There are many ways to do this: meditation, journaling daily, scripting, sleep hypothesis. Find what works for you and apply it everyday. I personally love meditation and scripting. I try to do a 10-minute morning meditation everyday, some days my thoughts are going haywire so I do 45-minutes to an hour. I also love yoga, it gives me the time to focus on the moment presently and get more grounded with my body. Scripting is awesome, I try to do this ideally everyday but sometimes it works at least 2-3 times a week. It’s basically asking for what you want and then explaining how much value it can bring into your life and for your highest good. I write at least 3 pages.

2. Having awareness of your fears / doubts.

Anytime you feel you triggered, hurt or attracted to past pain / habits — Write them down. Writing things down and reading them to yourself out loud is how you really start re-wiring your subconscious and it sticks to you so much effectively. Try to bring a small book around with you if you feel you might forget, or type it out on your notes to go back to later.

3. Notice those same patterns you wrote come up in your every day life.

Start asking yourself why you feel the way you do. When you automatically ask yourself a question, your brain automatically wants to find the answer and will begin searching for it. If it can’t find it in your memory banks, you will begin to search for it in your own way. You can even just start by saying it aloud to yourself. Your brain is always trying to find a solution and will go out of its way to do that. Which brings you to my next tip.

4. Always being mindful of the words you say to yourself.

Never say the word ‘can’t’ always say the word ‘how’ — How can I find the answer? How can I change this habit? How will this change my future experiences? How how how how how. Words are ‘spells’ (‘spell’—ing), do not use your words against you. I recommend reading the ‘Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz if you’d like more information on how powerful your words are.

So there you have it, my everyday little tips that you can apply to your life now. They're really simple and overall have helped me sooooo much in recognising what's holding me back in my business. And these tasks can apply to every single topic in your life — Relationships, career, spiritual evolution and so on. The most challenging part is making that first step, but once you do it's get a whole lot easier.

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