Final Mockup Designs-01.jpg

Identity and Website refresh for the one and only — Alannah Liddell.

A process that has taken over a year to fully blooms with a major facelift during the pandemic and a whole lot of serif / cursive font combinations taking front row and centre. This beautiful collaboration went above and beyond then what was expected. Signalling the finer details of each core element and amplifying why the smaller details in life make a huge difference in our overall journey. With full transparency of a ‘No-Bullshit’ price list of how much to invest in Wedding / Elopement Photography, Alannah really wanted to have an honest conversation on who she is as an artist. 

The aesthetic was reflected by Alannahs nature and how she felt around the hidden architecture of intimacy — History. Destiny. Nostalgia.

We’re honoured to have watched this come to life before our very eyes. The beautiful writing was done by Gulp Studio and this site was made on Flothemes online.