A personal look at the final wedding guide / some of our favourite pages made for Alannah Liddell. A wedding and couples photographer based in Perth, Australia. 

We’ve been collaborating with Alannah since the beginning of this year on creating a fresh new feel for her brand. She first approached us to create some new digital templates for her, then we moved on to designing a package and process guide for her customers to get a real and raw approach to the woman behind the lens. 

The heart and mission aligned for this project was for the soul purpose, that each and every photo taken, gave us a deeper insight into the history of people lives. So that years from now they could continue to live on through the memories of their greatest love Inspiration was sourced from art galleries, old literature, coffee-stained paper, that hidden gem book store you find randomly when travelling that shows you the secrets of life, fine black ink pens and much more.

We hope you enjoy our ‘little messy but a little too real’ outlook on life.